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Jennifer Doudna on the Pandemic Year: The Power of Mission Driven Science

Amidst a year filled with tragedy, camaraderie and collaboration enabled scientific innovation to move society forward. Biochemist and Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna reflects on how a team of professors, researchers, volunteers and engineers pushed through physical and technical barriers to create and administer a PCR-Covid-19 test.

“My hope as we climb out of this pandemic is that we build on this cooperation, increase funding for the type of fundamental science that made our work possible, and take a science-first leadership approach to stay ahead of future threats and safeguard our health.”

Jennifer Doudna, biochemist at UC Berkeley, Founder of the Innovative Genomics Institute, and 2020 Nobel Laureate for co-inventing of CRISPR technology

Read the full op-ed in the The Wall Street Journal.