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Heidi Forbes Öste, PhD

Behavioral Scientist. Founding Partner of 2BalanceU, Host of Evolving Digital Self & Global Nomad Hacks

“Digital wellbeing is all about our relationship with tech, and how we develop technology that supports the human experience rather than becoming it.”

Heidi Forbes Öste is a Digital Wellbeing & Ethics expert. She is a behavioral scientist, best-selling author of Digital Self Mastery series and executive producer of the Evolving Digital Self podcast. She combines 25 years experience in social strategy consulting with her scholarly research in the human relationship with technology and her personal passion for wellbeing and humanity.

A humanist, Forbes Öste aims to future-proof technology while supporting the human experience and potential. She is a passionate advocate for digital wellbeing and ethics. Her talks and forthcoming book provide guidelines for technologies, organizations, their products and services, and the humans they serve to co-exist harmoniously. Her unique approach to mastering the human relationship with technology increases digital life balance. She provides an easily adaptable framework across industries, focused on outcomes.

She holds several advisory roles as an expert on Digital Wellbeing and Ethics for new technologies to support the transition into the digital era without losing humanity in the process. She connects organizations with innovative digital wellbeing strategies to match the evolving needs of employees and customers. Her insight into human & organizational behavior impacts innovative solutions to succeed and thrive in the new human-digital ecosystem.

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