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Maithra Raghu, PhD

Senior Researcher at Google Brain

“I’m very excited about pushing forward the AI machine learning in healthcare aspects. I’d like to do more work on developing interoperability methods for these models, and see if we can gain scientific insights on healthcare using these techniques.”

Maithra Raghu is a senior research at Google Brain, and has been working for years to build an interface between clinical artificial intelligence systems and human medical experts. Her own experience as a patient spurred her to work toward a future where tools driven by machine learning and AI can help diagnose or triage patients so they can get the care they need faster.

One of Raghu’s recent projects involved presenting a set of clinical cases separately to a group of doctors and a trained AI system and soliciting their opinions. Then, the cases were shown to the doctors and the AI tool together so that the clinicians could take the tool’s take into account.

Raghu recently finished her PhD at Cornell University, where she developed techniques to gain insights on the hidden representations of deep learning systems, and using these insights to inform ML design and human-AI interactions at deployment. Her work has been featured in many press outlets including The Washington Post, WIRED and Quanta Magazine. She has been named one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science, a 2020 STAT Wunderkind, and a Rising Star in EECS.

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