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Othman Laraki

Othman Laraki

Cofounder and CEO of Color Genomics.

“In the future, genetic testing is just going to be incorporated into how we do healthcare. Like, your pharmacy should never be able to give you a medication to which you will have an adverse reaction. That’s a solvable problem.”

Othman Laraki is the co-founder and CEO of Color Genomics, a population health service that is making it easy and affordable for people to access their genetic information to learn about their hereditary risk for cancer and heart disease.

Othman and founded Color to try to meet a need for an affordable clinical grade genetic test to create a global platform for preventive health. He and the Color team spent three years using advanced robotics and machine learning to build one of the world’s most advanced genetics labs, based on the simple idea that clinical-grade, medically actionable tests for genetic variants, made affordable and accessible enough to be worthwhile at population scale, could shift healthcare from today’s (expensive, ineffective) treatment model to one whose savings could be vast, in both dollars and lives.

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