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Jennifer Doudna, PhD

Nobel Prize winner. UC Berkeley biochemist. Innovative Genomics Institute founder. Co-inventor of CRISPR technology.
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Dr Frances Arnold

Frances Arnold, PhD

Nobel Prize winner. Professor of Chemical Engineering at CalTech. Pioneer in directed evolution.
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Bradley Ringeisen, PhD

IGI Executive Director. Former DARPA Biotech Leader. Pioneer of greentech solutions to climate change.
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Anousheh Ansari

CEO at XPRIZE Foundation. Astronaut and tech entrepreneur.
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Eric Topol

Eric Topol, MD

Founder and Director of Scripps Research Translational Institute.
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David Agus, MD

Professor of Medicine and Engineering at USC.
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Leana Wen

Leana Wen, MD, MSc

Former CEO and President of Planned Parenthood. Former Health Commissioner of Baltimore. Professor of Health Policy and Management at George Washington University.
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