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Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson, PhD

Co-founder and CEO of MicroByre.

“There’s not a single niche on this planet where bacteria are not fully ensconced. Bacteria run this planet.”

Sarah Richardson is the co-founder and CEO of MicroByre, a biotechnology company that domesticates and genetically engineers non-model bacteria for material and chemical application. She leads the construction and deployment of their genomic toolkits.

She has been honored as a L’Oréal For Women in Science Fellow and SynBio LEAP Fellow for her scientific research, leadership, and community outreach.

Richardson received her B.S. in biology at the University of Maryland and her Ph.D. in human genetics and molecular biology from Johns Hopkins University. As a postdoctoral fellow in synthetic biology at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, she focused on integrating computation genomics with experimental genomics.

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