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Tanvi Abbhi

Tanvi Vattikuti-Abbhi

Co-founder of Veta Health.

“Technology can be an incredibly powerful tool. We firmly believe that it will transform how we experience our health and healthcare for decades to come. Care will no longer be centered solely around the hospital or doctor’s office, but will become accessible anywhere, at anytime.”

Tanvi Vattikuti Abbhi is the Co-Founder of Veta Health. Veta Health offers technology solutions to engender trust, loyalty, and community in healthcare delivery by delivering greater transparency and patient empowerment beyond the four walls of traditional care settings.

Prior to co-founding Veta Health, Tanvi worked across the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia supporting and consulting for entrepreneurs running high-growth businesses. Her passion and background lies in reducing imbalance and disparity. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from New York University.